RDCA Committees

Executive Committee
Chair Kelly Vopni
Senior VP Thomas Sypkes
Past President Jon Gulayets
Industry Relations – Local
Chair Jon Gulayets
Director Kelly Slepicka
Director Kerry Boothe
Chair Leah James
Director Kelly Slepicka
Director Vic Walls
Director Taylor Hogg
Director Adam Bontje
Chair Jon Gulayets
Director Thomas Sypkes
Director Blair McArthur
Director Kelly Vopni
Director Taylor Hogg
ACA Provincial Representatives
Government Action Jon Gulayets
Contracts Jon Gulayets
Safety/WCB Ryan Hawley
Chair Thomas Sypkes
MAL Jon Gulayets
Buildworks Canada
Representative Kelly Slepicka

Committee Terms of Reference

Executive Committee

  • Exercise the powers of the Board when the Board is not sitting provided that the exercise of such powers is not contrary to any orders of the Board
  • Monitor the fiscal and accounting practices of RDCA and report the financial affairs in a timely fashion to the Board
  • Prepare an annual operating budget (Executive Director)
  • Prepare Board meeting agendas (Executive Director)
  • Supervise or otherwise monitor the activities and issues of each RDCA standing committee
  • Act as the public spokesman for the RDCA (Chairperson/Executive Director)
  • Organize press releases and/or press conferences (Executive Director/Chairperson)
  • Liaise with related professional or other industry associations on common issues (Executive Director/Committee)
  • Assist staff when required to resolve operations management issues
  • Represent RDCA to owners groups and public meetings
  • Represent RDCA in all verbal presentations, briefs, submissions or positions to elected Government Officials

Industry Relations – Local

  • Work collaboratively with partners (ie. City and County of Red Deer, outlying municipalities) to develop best practices within the construction industry
  • Respond to public discussion papers or public legislative forums
  • Assist with the preparation of briefs and submissions to government
  • Identify opportunities and issues impacting the construction industry
  • Research and develop proposals
  • Advocate recommendations to other stakeholders

Education Committee

  • Assist the RDCA in working directly with educational institutions, to provide input in the areas of education and industry curriculum.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions on construction specific education for local industry. (Includes courses, seminars, etc)
  • Assist in the RDCA scholarship process, providing input and selection of the recipients.
  • Participate with educational institutions on behalf of the RDCA to promote industry.

Marketing Committee

  • Assist RDCA to marketing efforts for events as set out by the marketing plan on an annual basis
  • Assist with major events such as the golf tournament and AGM
  • Assist RDCA to in the participation and growth of the membership
  • Promote the benefits and services that go along with being a member.
  • Assist RDCA to marketing efforts for events as set out by the marketing plan on an annual basis
  • Create a branding message – consistency

ACA Representative – Government Action (Provincial)

  • Develop submissions in response to government initiatives and public discussions
  • Assist the Directors of the ACA in organizing and/or coordinating lobbies where necessary or desirable
  • Prepare and participate in meetings with local government and regional municipal staff, MLAs and Provincial Government staff.
  • Represent the ACA to owners, groups and public meetings
  • Represent ACA in verbal presentations, briefs, submissions or positions to elected Government Officials

ACA Representative – Safety & WCB

  • Recommend proactive initiatives with respect to (1) improving safety legislation and regulation impacting the construction business Respond to public discussion papers or public legislative forums.
  • Provide liaison to related organizations including the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)
  • Provide input and direction for the overall safety plan (ie. courses, seminars, communication) to the membership and community

ACA Representative – Contracts

  • Recommend solutions to common problems in contractual relations
  • Study existing and new standard documents and guidelines for consistency and compatibility with industry practices
  • Advise on recommended procedures in contractual relationships
  • Monitor the effectiveness of standard construction documents
  • Monitor the fairness and cost/effectiveness of tender documents
  • Act as a resource to assist owners and consultants when designing or amending specifications and tender packages
  • Periodically review, and recommend where advisable, amendments to legislation and regulations
  • Advise the Board on all matters concerning industry practices
  • Assist in contractor/owner relationships when requested
  • Liaise with local government agencies to speak on matters of common interest regarding tendering practices
  • Liaise with design, specification and tendering authorities to investigate and discuss matters of common interest
  • Liaise with the Alberta Construction Association Standard Practices Committee

Buildworks Canada – Representative

  • Identify member information needs in the areas of information/ communication technologies, productivity enhancement, and new techniques.
  • Participate in quarterly representative meetings – January is the presentation of the yearly budget
  • Liaison with other local industry representatives to promote the betterment of the Buildworks Canada program.

Member At Large (MAL)

What are Members At Large?

The Red Deer Construction Association (RDCA) operates as a non-profit organization and was formed as an organization of local construction members and partners representing contractors, trades, sub-trades, suppliers and associates for the purpose of mutual protection and mutual benefit.  The construction industry takes action through association to achieve collectively goals that would be impossible for an individual.  The Association supports the industry through value-added services including business opportunities, safety, education, networking, partnerships, and government advocacy.

Through these actions and support, the board of directors work on committees that represent the association’s strategic direction.  On many occasions throughout each year, these committees require additional industry support and opportunity for our member companies to get involved.

Any person who represents a Red Deer Construction Association member company can be a member at large.

To participate as a Member At Large check out the  Member At Large Document and fill out the following Form

For further information on the activities of each committee:  RDCA Education Committee Overview  & RDCA Marketing Committee Overview