New development to open businesses in Lacombe by the end of 2020

The new development in Lacombe located on the corner of Highway 12 and Highway 2 on the west side of the city is gearing up for construction to prepare for a couple of new businesses. The development, called the Midway Centre, has completed infrastructure development and is now ready for the construction buildings and new businesses. 

Right now, YFL Development’s Kanwal Sandhu is looking for locals in the area interested in opening a business in this area of the city. So far, he has received building permits for an Esso Fuel station, a burger franchise, and a Second Cup. 

“We are looking for the franchisee to run a business so we haven’t had any success from the city of Lacombe like people coming forward but people from other cities are coming and willing to open their businesses here,” said Sandhu. 

Construction of the Esso Fuel station and burger station was started last week on June 3rd and construction of the Second cup will begin in July. Both developments are anticipated to be finished before the end of 2020.